About Paddle Pong

Chill. Relax! Call a player and get into to a game of double-player Paddle Pong, (a table-tennis inspired game).

Here’s the scoop: The paddle puts the ball in play and drives it across the game field. Tip the paddle for great angle shots by tilting your finger(s) up, down, or out.

Next, catch bonuses before they get away and make life to your opponent little bit harder (for example make his paddle smaller). But, careful now, DON’T MISS THE BALL. Aw, you gotta keep the ball in play!

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Paddle Pong video

video from game

    • Gameplay of Paddle Pong. You can rotate your paddle or use various bonuses.

    • Let's look on tutorial - to learn, how to rotate paddle is the key success factor in Paddle Pong game!

    • Play agains you friend or skilled computer player. Can you beat best computer player Starblastr? (it is possible).

    • Yes, we have fancy main menu :)

    • Use various bonuses. The right bonus in right time & place can change the game!